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Township Wall Murals : 5 reasons why consumer brands should take this medium (more) seriously.

The townships and high density areas of Zimbabwe and most African cities house one of the biggest and most active consumer segments. For any brands and products trying to gain marketshare within this consumer segment, it is a must that they understand the buying behaviour of this market and how to reach and market to them effectively. For the various brands looking to grow both in volume and value, and to reinforce their brand visibility across the African continent, nothing offers the best value as Township Wall Murals. Below are 5 major reasons why consumer brands should consider investing in this medium.

1. Capture Attention

Firstly, Township Wall Murals capture the attention of pedestrians and commuters so it’s very hard for them to go unnoticed. Secondly, they are usually very aesthetically pleasing so people often enjoy reading and staring at them. Wall Murals also add charm, character and beauty to neighbourhoods and often become points of interest where commuters use them to identify locations, places or destination drop offs . Consumer brands can use murals to express themselves in a fun and artistic way that will stick out in people’s minds.

2. High Exposure

Wall Murals can reach huge urban and rural audiences if they are put in areas with high foot and/or vehicular traffic. They stand out and are highly visible along neighbourhood streets since they are surrounded by plain brick/cement . Since Wall Murals are an out of home media, people cannot shut them off or ignore them. Wall Mural campaigns have enormous exposure since they are painted brightly in populated high density residential areas.

3. Generate Buzz

Wall Murals can start conversations and discussions about the product being advertised or the messages being communicated by the sponsor. So many ideas, opinions and emotions can be incorporated in a single wall mural. With the help of the internet, people can also share pictures of murals . Murals can also be linked to social media hashtags which will help increase brand exposure and generate buzz for any brand.

4. Cost Effective

Wall murals can often be more cost effective than most other outdoor advertising media as they often can remain visible on the same site for years thus creating long term brand visibility. Lower production costs also allow brand exposure at multiple locations at a fraction of the normal


5. Street Level Awareness

Wall Mural sites deliver awareness, entertainment and information in a disruptive, large-scale way at street level creating street credibility for a brand simply yet effectively. Wall Murals offer eye level advertising as billboards can sometimes hang above the consumer’s line of sight reducing visibility. Wall Murals also give brands access to a broader range of more targeted neighbourhood sites as larger billboards often have limited availability to large roads ,streets and highways.

Interested in starting your own Township Wall Mural campaign? Contact us on 0719226637 or email for more information.

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