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Check out the latest advertising opportunities and advertising packages designed to meet your specific advertising needs. These packages represent limited, unique outdoor advertising deals and rates designed to gain maximum exposure for your campaign.

Nationwide 10 Package


Our Nationwide 10 Package gives your brand prime outdoor visibility throughout all 10 provinces of Zimbabwe with 10 strategic billboard locations in all 10 provincial capital cities and towns. This package offers an advertiser the opportunity to expose their brand message across Zimbabwe at discounted rates.


Rotation Package


Our Rotation Package allows your campaign to be kept alive through the constant rotation of your creative across our selected high impact billboards across Zimbabwe. Billboard site locations available for rotation include Harare, Bulawayo, Chinhoyi, Karoi, Mutare, Gweru, Kadoma, Bindura and Kwekwe.


Location Domination Package


If you are a advertiser looking for opportunities for your brand message to “dominate a space” then our Location Domination Package allows your brand to do just that.  Location Domination refers to completely taking over all media display opportunities in high traffic environments to immerse audiences in full-blown, full-brand experiences within a very specific location. Different types of media offerings are combined to create true visibility and dominance for the advertiser at that specific  location. Our Location Domination package is typically sold at a premium price since your brand is essentially locking out competition or any other advertiser brand from purchasing the same space.


Growth Point Package

Our growth point package targets the rural community in all major Growth Points  and Rural Service Centers throughout Zimbabwe.


Monthly Media Rentals may vary depending on the following factors:


High traffic locations are often more costly than lower traffic locations. Pricing may also vary with visibility and billboard positioning.


Market availability will change throughout the year based on the demand for the location. Some locations have a higher demand than others.

Length of Campaign

Short term campaigns are typically more costly than investing in a lengthier 12 month long campaign.

Bulk discounts

Discounted rental prices are often given to clients who book a minimum of 5 billboards at a time.


Larger billboards will always cost more than smaller formats due to the increased visibility.

We encourage you to give our sales team a call today. Our staff will assist you in finding the right location and price range for your next advertising campaign.

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