City Directionals - Helping direct traffic around Harare

Altmedia Outdoor has recently begun sponsoring the renovation and refurbishment of old, dilapidated directional signage around the City of Harare along major roads such as Second Street Extension and E.D Munangagwa road (Formally Enterprise road) which has seen the installation of new directional signage in high visibility reflective vinyl to help motorists and pedestrians safely find their way in, out and around the city.

The primary purpose of the new City Directional Signs is to provide clear and safe passage for pedestrians and vehicles through the various urban areas. We have utilised our extensive research on vehicular and foot traffic patterns throughout Harare in order to assess the needs of an area and identify crucial locations in need of new directional signage . Our aim is to help create a well-designed, visually pleasing city directional system to instantly make destinations in and around Harare more easily accessible.

Altmedia Outdoor continues to design, install and maintain new directional signage at key locations for the benefit of the city and its residents. This community service is sponsored by local brand advertising and is part of Altmedia Outdoor’s Corporate Social Responsibility.

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