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Media Formats

Altmedia Outdoor offers multiple outdoor advertising media formats with their own unique visibility and impact. Our extensive media range with various shapes and sizes, coupled with our premier sites and locations offers advertisers the widest coverage by format than any other out-of-home media vendor in Zimbabwe.​

Artwork Specifications

We want to present your brand message, bright, bold and in the best way possible. We therefore only accept print ready artwork provided in high-resolution PDF (preferred), TIFF or JPG formats (Min 300dpi). Please see below for specification details, and for help in creating suitable artwork and PDFs. We only consider artwork to be print-ready if it meets the below requirements, and no further adjustments are required in-house. To avoid additional costs to your printing (incurred when our designers are required to make final amendments before printing), please ensure that if you are providing us with print-ready artwork, you have checked through the requirements below and your material is, in fact, ready for print. If you’re unsure about whether or not you’re artwork is print-ready, or you require a further explanation, please contact us.

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