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Launching a successful billboard advertising campaign and book one of our billboards is not difficult. The below brief checklist will prepare you for launching your billboards advertising campaign.

Step 1 | Create a Target Audience Profile.

You will need to create a Target Audience Profile by answering the following questions. To whom are you advertising? What kind of customers do you want to reach specifically?  Where do they live ,work, play?

 A Target Audience Profile simply helps you (and us) fully understand and identify characteristics of your targeted customers in various ways, including demographic information, location of residency, lifestyle, and how they make purchasing decisions. 


Step 2 | Request a Proposal.

1. Contact Altmedia Outdoor and provide us with your Target Audience Profile  to help us understand your objectives.

2. We will respond with any questions and follow-up with a pdf proposal detailing a recommendation that meet your campaign objectives.

3. The proposal will include, a scheduled list of recommended sites, photos of the proposed billboard, maps of the locations with associated availability and possible installation dates.


4. From the proposal, choose your preferred site options. We will then provide feedback and either supply further recommendations, or proceed to confirm availability.

5. If you are happy with your site selections and they are still available, we will create an advertising booking order to book the sites in.

6. Once the advertising order is signed, we will put the sites on hold and send through the invoice for payment.

7. Once your order is processed and payment is made, we will send through the billboard site specifications to your designer, for you to begin artwork creative. If your designer has not executed a billboard campaign before, we will liaise with them to ensure they understand the setup requirements. If you do not have a designer, Altmedia Outdoor has an in-house creative division to accommodate your  artwork design needs. Please talk to your representative about this option.

9. Once your artwork creative is finished, simply email it to or contact us directly

10. Altmedia Outdoor will check your artwork and send through a test print for your approval. Once approved, we will begin printing.

11. Once printed your billboard banner will be ready for installation / flighting / posting

Step 3 | Installation / Flighting / Posting.

1. All billboard faces are posted within the 1st  week of each Calendar month. Once the billboard banner is installed onto the advertising space, a photo is taken and sent to you as proof of posting.

2. The campaign is now complete, and your billboard is already beginning to give your business exposure to thousands of consumers every day!

Ready to start an advertising campaign?
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