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Our Billboards Work

Our billboards are an unavoidable part of modern urban life and are a powerful outdoor advertising solution to reach thousands of potential customers with your brand message during their daily commute.

Our Billboards are always seen.

Billboards are strategically placed along busy roads and intersections, meaning people will always be looking at your advertising as it is displayed in large eye-catching format in the real world. People have a choice to click off an online ad or change the channel away from a commercial, but they can’t avoid looking at your billboard as they go about throughout the day.

Our Billboards are always working.

Billboards are always on, working for your brand 24/7.  Running an ad online, on radio or TV, only guarantees your ad is played a few times a day. Customers might be exposed to a brand or service just once or twice through other forms of advertising, but as people continually pass by your billboard, it repeatedly exposes your brand message to hundreds on a continual basis. Although the message is shorter than it would be in other ad forms, it can hold in people’s minds more because no matter what time of day they pass it will always be there.

Our Billboards reach every location.

Because billboards are everywhere, you usually have your choice of where you want to put your message. Use your billboard location to target certain customers or to get people’s attention, either at a location by your business or near a busy intersection or national highway. Because billboards are so large and central, you can easily reach lots of people if you choose the right location.

Our Billboards build brand awareness.

Billboards are incredibly powerful at building brand awareness because people are often exposed to the same billboard multiple times, over a long period of time. They will therefore easily remember and recall the brand and company identity if they see it again. While billboards may not be as effective as online at getting an immediate response, like having customers visit your website or call you direct, they are an indispensable medium in a successful marketing mix.

Our Billboards reach various customers.

Billboards allow companies to reach a wide range of potential customers with a single advertising tactic. Instead of spending extra time and money to identify and research niche target customer groups, a billboard allows you to reach a large part of the diverse general population. Billboards can also help bring the customers to you, which means you don’t have to spend your advertising time and budget trying to reach potential customers. This can be extremely beneficial for widespread services that attract a variety of demographics.

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